Early Consignments

November 18, 2020


120 black & red steer and heifer calves


-7way at branding, knife cut, a few little horns

-medium fleshed, right off cows


39 black & red steers and heifers 

-weaned 45 days w/ 2 rounds of shots


-Nice set of calves with lots of quality and condition 


31 black & black wf steer and heifer calves


-calfhood shots, off cows just a few days

-Nice northern AZ calves


50 black calves in smaller consignments 


50 weigh cows 

-preg checked open at the ranch 


20 cows in the first cow jackpot 

Where to Find Us:

Valley Livestock Auction

8517 Sun Valley Rd
Sun Valley, AZ 86029


8 miles East of Holbrook

EXIT 294,

South of I-40

Phone:             928-524-2600

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