We are a livestock auction selling horses, cattle, sheep and goats.

We specialize in fresh Arizona and western  New Mexico livestock.

Our sale days are Wednesdays @12noon MST. January through April biweekly and

May through December weekly.

We also rest livestock in transit.


Sale Schedule

Back to EVERY Wednesday 


Closed the weeks of: 

Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years


*Saturday September 24, 2022 - Fall Horse Sale*

Representative Sales

August 10, 2022


Steers $5cwt-$8cwt better in places. Heifers were steady. Butcher cows and bulls $5cwt-10cwt better. Pairs remain in good demand. 


Location Description Avg.  Weight Price $$
Chambers, AZ 1 blk str 290lbs 220.00cwt
Ft. Defiance, AZ 1 blk str 315lbs 212.00cwt
Sanders, AZ 1 blk str 420lbs 214.00cwt
Keams Cyn, AZ 4 blk/bmf strs 450lbs 196.00cwt
Keams Cyn, AZ 1 blk str 516lbs 179.00cwt
Whiteriver, AZ 11 red wf strs 548lbs 149.50cwt
Chambers, AZ 2 blk strs 565lbs 159.00cwt
Keams Cyn, AZ 3 blk/bmf hfrs 440lbs 155.00cwt
Sanders, AZ 1 blk hfr 480lbs 143.00cwt
Ganado, AZ 3 blk hfrs 543lbs 141.00cwt
Winslow, AZ 1 brin mf bull 1230lbs 99.00cwt
Chinle, AZ 1 blk bull 1600lbs 104.00cwt
Taylor, AZ 1 blk bull 1690lbs 105.00cwt
Chinle, AZ 1 red mf cow 875lbs 74.50cwt
Sanders, AZ 1 gry cow 990lbs 67.50cwt
Kykotsmovi, AZ 1 blk mf cow 1115lbs 84.00cwt
Chinle, AZ 1 red cow 1165lbs 86.50cwt
Chambers, AZ 1 blk cow 1715lbs 90.00cwt
Holbrook, AZ - red cow w/bullclf 1340lbs 1270.00ppr
Quemado, NM - red cow w/bullclf 1320lbs 1390.00ppr
Ganado, AZ - blk cow w/hfrclf 1085lbs 1370.00ppr

cwt - per hundred weight 

phd - per head    
ppr - per pair      
Age marks for bred cows and pairs:
"|" young       
"-" 4yo to strong running age 
"HD" short solid      
Trimester P1,2,3 (bred cow)
wf - white face      
mf - motley face  
x-bred - cross with Brahman    

mix - group with different colors 


Where to Find Us:

Sun Valley Livestock Auction

8517 Sun Valley Rd
Sun Valley, AZ 86029


8 miles East of Holbrook

EXIT 294,

South of I-40

Phone:             928-524-2600