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**Masks will be required inside the building **


-Covid-19 Precautions- 

If you have symptoms or

have been exposed to someone with the virus


We ask that all of our customers use every precaution available; social distancing, face masks, frequent hand washing and/or sanitizing to help prevent exposure and spread of the virus. 

Masks will be available in the office. Hand sanitizer stations will be in place at the livestock drop off and at the doors into the office and livestock pavilion. 

Representative Sales

April 14, 2021 


Not as much local interest in the calves and yearlings this week and no good test on light heifer calves. Weigh cows and bulls steady to a little lower. Only good young P3 cows going back to the ranches, P2 cows to the packers. Just a few young and thin pairs at auction this week. 

Location Description Avg.  Weight Price $$

Sanders, AZ

2 blk strs 335lbs 171.00cwt
Chinle, AZ 2 blk mot strs 370lbs 166.00cwt
Taylor, AZ 3 mix strs 388lbs 168.00cwt
Sanders, AZ 4 blk strs 512lbs 159.00cwt
Chinle, AZ 2 mix strs 525lbs 148.00cwt
Leupp, AZ 2 red mot strs 620lbs 122.50cwt
Winslow, AZ 1 blk str 650lbs 126.50cwt
St. Johns, AZ 3 blk strs 793lbs 116.00cwt
Window Rock, AZ 2 blk&red strs 430lbs 136.50cwt
Chambers, AZ 2 red hfrs 495lbs 126.50cwt
Snowflake, AZ 1 red nk hfr 535lbs 129.50cwt
St. Johns, AZ 2 blk hfrs 715lbs 105.00cwt
Snowflake, AZ 1 red hfr 815lbs 100.00cwt
Sanders, AZ 2 blk hfrs 1048lbs 80.50cwt
Window Rock, Az 1 red nk bull 1175lbs 74.00cwt
Nutrioso, AZ 1 blk bull 1930lbs 91.00cwt
Tuba City, AZ 1 blk bull 1905lbs 89.00cwt
Snowflake, AZ 1 blk bull 1590lbs 85.50cwt
Second Mesa, AZ 1 red mot cow 1085lbs 56.50cwt
Nutriso, AZ 1 blk cow 1020lbs 55.00cwt
Kykotsmovi, AZ 1 blk wf cow P3 1250lbs 860.00phd
Polacca, AZ 1 blk str 1180lbs 65.00cwt
Hotevilla, AZ 1 blk cow  1020lbs 55.00cwt
Ganado, AZ 1 red cow P3 850lbs


Chinle, AZ red cow w/hfrc *** 745lbs 790.00ppr
Ganado, AZ wf cow w/hfrc *** 795lbs 700.00ppr
Second Mesa, AZ blk wf cow w/hfrc  *** 870lbs 760.00ppr
*** young & thin      
cwt - per hundred weight   
phd - per head    
ppr - per pair      
Trimester P1,2,3 (bred cow)
SS - short solid      
wf - white face      
mot - motley face  
x-bred - cross with Brahman    

mix - group with different colors 

LH- Long horn   

Where to Find Us:

Valley Livestock Auction

8517 Sun Valley Rd
Sun Valley, AZ 86029


8 miles East of Holbrook

EXIT 294,

South of I-40

Phone:             928-524-2600


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