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October 3, 2018

Arizona Cattle Growers' Roll Over Auction &

Special Calf Sale

in conjunction with our regular sale 


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Representative Sales

September 19, 2018


Light calves steady this week. Not many yearling cattle offered. Weigh cows a little lower, 2.00-3.00cwt. Weigh bulls steady to 2.00-3.00cwt higher. Young thin pairs in the $800-$1000ppr range. Only the best young bred cows back to the country. 

Location Description Avg. Weight Price 
Chinle, AZ 3 red mot strs 288lbs 212.00cwt
Keams Canyon,AZ 3 blk strs 337lbs 209.00cwt
Sanders, AZ 3 blk strs 360lbs 196.50cwt
Second Mesa, AZ 4 b&bwf strs 430lbs 183.50cwt
Houck, AZ 6 blk strs 420lbs 176.50cwt
Sanders, AZ 3 blk strs 482lbs 164.00cwt
St. Johns, AZ 10 blk strs 499lbs 162.50cwt
Jackrabbit, AZ 3 blk strs 498lbs 162.00cwt
Sanders, AZ 3 blk&red strs 550lbs 154.50cwt
Polacca, AZ 4 blk strs 522lbs


St. Johns, AZ 4 blk mot strs 576lbs 148.00wt
Window Rock, AZ 7 blk hfrs 292lbs 164.00cwt
Indian Wells, AZ 4 brangus hfrs 375lbs 156.00cwt
St. Johns, AZ 4 blk hfrs 435lbs 156.50cwt
Window Rock, AZ 3 blk & blk mot hfrs 460lbs 153.00cwt
St. Johns, AZ 2 blk hfrs 433lbs 149.50cwt
Show Low, AZ 1 blk hfr 515lbs 140.50cwt
St. Johns, AZ 6 blk & blk mot hfrs 598lbs 129.50cwt
Eagar, AZ 1 wf bull 1995lbs 82.25cwt
Kanab, UT 1 blk bull 1785lbs 78.25cwt
Jospeh City, AZ 1 blk bull 1640lbs 76.25cwt
Eagar, AZ 3 mix cows 1062lbs 52.00cwt
Kykotsmovi, AZ 5 blk & red cows 950lbs 48.75cwt
Tuba City, AZ 3 mix cows 920lbs 44.75cwt
Joseph City, AZ 5 blk cows 970lbs 45.00cwt
Joseph City, AZ 3 blk & red cows 1157lbs 48.50cwt
Snowflake, AZ 2 blk wf cows w/bclf 1007lbs 960.00ppr
Holbrook, AZ 1 red cow w/bclf 1045lbs 800.00ppr
Keams Canyon,AZ 1 blk cow w/hfrc 1000lbs 940.00ppr
Winslow, AZ 1 blk cow w/strc 1020lbs 850.00ppr
Ganado, AZ 1 brin cow w/strc 1165lbs 800.00ppr
cwt - per hundred weight   
phd - per head    
ppr - per pair      

X - open

Trimester P1,2,3

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