Valley Livestock Auction has been family owned and operated since 1984.  Our auctions are at 12 noon MST on Wednesdays. We specialize in fresh Arizona and Western New Mexico livestock (cattle, horses, sheep, and goats). We always strive to make your selling or buying experience the best it can be. Thank you for visiting our website, follow us on Facebook, and if you have any questions please contact us, (928) 524-2600.



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Representative Sales

May 23, 2018


A better futures market mid week helped the calf and yearling market. We're starting to see lots of thin fleshed cattle. As always quality and condition driving prices. Weigh cows and bulls sold steady. Broken mouth, short solid pairs were split. 


Location Description Avg. Weight Price 
Second Mesa, AZ 2 blk strs 345lbs 177.50cwt
Holbrook, AZ 11 mix strs 355lbs 166.00cwt
Payson, AZ 3 blk mot strs 418lbs 160.00cwt
Whiteriver, AZ 7 mix bulls 443lbs 128.50cwt
Winslow, AZ 4 mix strs 556lbs 143.00cwt
Young, AZ 3 blk strs 470lbs 148.00cwt
Springerville, AZ 7 blk strs 520lbs 158.00cwt
Springerville, AZ 9 blk strs 663lbs 134.00cwt
Indian Wells, AZ 5 blk strs 616lbs 138.50cwt
Springerville, AZ 6 blk hfrs 408lbs 148.00cwt
Springerville, AZ 9 blk hfrs 507lbs 142.00cwt
Holbrook, AZ 10 mix hfrs 312lbs 152.00cwt
Holbrook AZ 4 mix hfrs 362lbs 144.00cwt
Indian Wells, AZ 2 blk hfrs 430lbs 143.00cw
Tuba City, AZ 3 cor x hfrs 320lbs 340.00phd
Indian Wells, AZ 3 mix hfrs 527lbs 130.50cwt
Winslow, AZ 3 mix hfrs 522lbs 134.50cwt
Taylor, AZ 5 blk hfrs 634lbs 124.00cwt
Blue, AZ 2 blk hfrs 608lbs 125.00cwt
Young, AZ 1 red bull 1340lbs 76.00cwt
Jack Rabbit, AZ 1 blk bull 1595lbs 78.00cwt
St. Johns, AZ 1 blk bull 1565 74.00cwt
Joseph City, AZ 4 rednk cows 974lbs 55.50cwt
Blue, AZ 1 redmot cow 1360lbs 63.50cwt
St. Johns, AZ 4 mix cows 1138lbs 56.75cwt
Springerville, AZ 4 blk cows 1272lbs 61.75cwt
Winslow, AZ 2 blk mot cows P2 1195lbs 800.00phd
Winslow, AZ 2 blk mot cows P1 1132lbs 62.00cwt
Hotevilla, AZ blk cow/bclf 950lbs 1090.00ppr
Holbrook, AZ blk cow/bclf 1295lbs 840.00ppr
Kykotsmovi, AZ blk cow/bclf 1160lbs 950.00ppr
"*" Long term weaned/premium health package 
cwt - per hundred weight   
phd - per head    
ppr - per pair      

X - open

Trimester P1,2,3

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