We will be continuing our every other week schedule until further notice 


CLOSED - June 3, 2020

OPEN - June 10, 2020

CLOSED - June 17, 2020

OPEN - June 24, 2020


Due to the Covid-19 outbreak we will be implementing protocols to help reduce the spread of the virus.


-Office lobby and concession area will be closed, there will be very limited seating in the auditorium.

-Sellers are asked to drop off livestock and provide a cell phone number so that we can call/text you when your check is ready while you remain in your vehicle.

-We can also mail or deposit your check at Wells Fargo or Bank of the West

-Building access will be limited to buying livestock, collecting sellers checks, and using the restroom.


We ask that all of our customers use every precaution available; social distancing, face masks, frequent hand washing and/or sanitizing to help prevent exposure and spread of the virus. 

Hand sanitizer stations will be in place at the livestock drop off and at the doors into the office and livestock pavilion. 


**Attention Navajo livestock producers**

If you are unable to obtain a Navajo Nation inspection, the AZ Department of Agriculture will recognize the following:

-Current valid grazing permit 

-Affidavit from a Grazing Committee Member

-Signed and witnessed bill of sale 


Representative Sales

May 27, 2020


We called the calves and yearlings steady this week. Weigh cows and bulls steady to a little higher. Only a handful of bred cows and pairs offered. 


Location Description Avg. Weight Price 
Winslow, AZ 1 red str 460lbs 126.00cwt
Holbrook, AZ 7 mix strs 538lbs 136.00cwt
Pinon, AZ 2 mix strs 663lbs 116.00cwt
Window Rock, AZ 2 red strs 680lbs 111.50cwt
Ganado, AZ 2 blk&red strs 978lbs 95.00cwt
Flagstaff, AZ 2 red mot hfr 460lbs 124.00cwt
Holbrook, AZ 7 blk mot hfrs 501lbs 119.00cwt
Chinle, AZ 2 red x hfrs 625lbs 125.00cwt
Taylor, AZ 1 blk bull 1820lbs 87.00cwt
Lamar, CO 1 blk bull 1575lbs 86.50cwt
Holbrook, AZ 1 blk bull 1540lbs 89.50cwt
Eagar, AZ 1 blk bull 1680lbs 83.00cwt
Queen Creek, AZ 1 blk bull 1345lbs 82.50cwt
Snowflake, AZ 1  blk mot cow 1655lbs 68.00cwt
Leupp, AZ 1 red mot hfr P3 905lbs 840.00phd
Chambers, AZ 1 red mot cow P3 1010lbs 860.00phd
Benson, AZ 2 blk mot hfrs P2 975lbs 840.00phd
Show Low, AZ 5 cor x cows 785lbs 42.50cwt
Joseph City, AZ 1 red cow 1095lbs 60.00cwt
Window Rock, AZ 1 blk str 1145lbs 70.00cwt
cwt - per hundred weight   
phd - per head    
ppr - per pair      
Trimester P1,2,3
SS - short solid      

Where to Find Us:

Valley Livestock Auction

8517 Sun Valley Rd
Sun Valley, AZ 86029


8 miles East of Holbrook

EXIT 294,

South of I-40

Phone:             928-524-2600

Continued EVERY OTHER WEEK Schedule 


June 3rd CLOSED


June 10th OPEN


June 17th CLOSED 


June 24th OPEN