Valley Livestock Auction

Valley Livestock Auction has been family owned and operated since 1984.  Our auctions are at 12 noon MST on Wednesdays. We specialize in fresh Arizona and Western New Mexico livestock (cattle, horses, sheep, and goats). We always strive to make your selling or buying experience the best it can be. Thank you for visiting our website and if you have any questions please contact us, (928) 524-2600.



January through April we will have a sale

every other week


Make sure to check our 'Early Consignments' page

 for upcoming consigned cattle 


Representative Sales

January 11, 2017


The market continues to improve. Calves and yearlings steady to higher. Weigh cows and bulls sold a little higher. Just a handful of bred cows offered. No pairs.


Location Description  Avg. Weight  Price 
Kykotsmovi, AZ 2 blk strs 380lbs 144.00cwt
Tuba City, AZ 4 blk strs 431lbs 138.00cwt
Indian Wells, AZ 4 blk strs 461lbs 137.00cwt
Window Rock,AZ 2 blk strs 483lbs 136.00cwt
Eagar, AZ 2 blk trs 538lbs 134.50cwt
Tuba City, AZ 3 cor x strs 435lbs 106.00cwt
Sanders, AZ 3 blk strs 520lbs 136.50cwt
Springerville, AZ 3 blk strs 585lbs 131.00cwt
Kingman, AZ 2 rd&blk strs 658lbs 115.50cwt
Kykotsmovi, AZ 4 blk strs 583lbs 133.00cwt
Kingman, AZ 5 red&blk strs 820lbs 109.00cwt
Eagar, AZ 1 blk hfr 350lbs 142.00cwt
Ganado, AZ 3 blk hfrs 500lbs 121.00cwt
Houck, AZ 3 bk/mot hfrs 465lbs 123.00cwt
Joseph City, AZ 3 blk hfrs 563lbs 115.00cwt
Pinon, AZ 2 blk hfrs 605lbs 104.00cwt
Springerville, AZ 3 blk hfrs 442lbs 120.00cwt
Springerville, AZ 3 blk hfrs 562lbs 119.00cwt
Winslow, AZ 1 blk bull 1580lbs 70.00cwt
St. Johns, AZ 1 blk bull 1445lbs 71.50cwt
Flagstaff, AZ 1 red cow 1275lbs 75.50cwt
Kykotsmovi, AZ 1 blk str 1075lbs 70.00cwt
St. Johns, AZ 1 blk cow 1415lbs 53.25cwt
St. Johns, AZ 1 blk cow 1080lbs 52.50cwt
Joseph City, AZ 1 blk wf cow 1085lbs 52.75cwt
Winslow, AZ 1 blk cow P3 945lbs 88.00cwt
Flagstaff, AZ 1 rdmot cow P2 840lbs 106.00cwt
*cwt - per hundred weight   
*phd - per head      
*ppr - per pair      

* X - open

*Trimester P1,2,3

Where to Find Us:

Valley Livestock Auction

8517 Sun Valley Rd
Sun Valley, AZ 86029


8 miles East of Holbrook

EXIT 294,

off of I-40

Phone:             928-524-2600


January-April every other week schedule



Bring your livestock in on Monday, Tuesday, or early 

Wednesday morning, because if you are still in the line once the sale starts at noon - sometimes, it can take several hours to get unloaded.


Attention: New

Mexico ranchers you no longer have to obtain a health certificate in order to sell your livestock in Arizona. You just need a NM brand inspection and you or the brand inspector need to call 602-542-4293 Mon-Fri to obtain an AZ prior entry number.