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Valley Livestock Auction has been family owned and operated since 1984.  Our auctions are at 12 noon MST on Wednesdays. We specialize in fresh Arizona and Western New Mexico livestock (cattle, horses, sheep and goats). We always strive to make your selling or buying experience the best it can be. Thank you for visiting our website and if you have any questions please contact us.

Market Report

July 9 and 16, 2014


Calves and yearlings sold a little lower this week. Weigh cows and bulls sold steady. No good test on bred cows. Pairs in good demand and sold higher. Spotty rains in our market area, lots of pairs offered and new crop calves. 



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 * Valley Livestock Auction will no longer be accepting loose horses (small, unbroke, mares, colts, and studs). Only horses 1000lbs and over, in good flesh with no blemishes will be accepted. Studs will not be accepted at all, meeting the weight requirements or not*



*Prices are on good and choice livestock. Crossbreds, some hereford types, and plainer cattle tend to sell lower. Prices are based on quality and condition.*



400lbs 225.00-250.00 cwt


600lbs 180.00-215.00 cwt
700lbs 170.00-200.00 cwt
800lbs 165.00-180.00 cwt
900lbs   cwt
300lbs 210.00-240.00 cwt
400lbs 200.00-230.00 cwt
500lbs 185.00-210.00 cwt
600lbs 180.00-200.00 cwt
700lbs 165.00-185.00 cwt
800lbs 135.00-150.00 cwt
900lbs N/T cwt
Light Steer & Heifer Calves under 300lbs 550.00-650.00 phd


High Yielding 130.00-137.00  cwt
Medium 110.00-125.00  cwt
Feeding 100.00-110.00  cwt

Weigh Cows

High Yielding 110.00-120.00 cwt


Thin 75.00-90.00  cwt
Young Thin Open 115.00-135.00  cwt
Aged Steers 105.00-120.00 cwt
Bred Cows    
Young Cows Good    
1st Trimester N/T phd
2nd Trimester N/T cwt
3rd Trimester N/T  phd
Running Age Medium    
1st Trimester N/T  phd
2nd Trimester N/T cwt
3rd Trimester N/T cwt
Young Good


Running Age Good 1500.00-1850.00  ppr
Short Solid Plain 1400.00-1600.00  ppr
Broken Mouth SPLIT  ppr
Young & Small 1300.00-1700.00  ppr
cwt = per hundred weight    
phd = per head    
ppr = per pair    
N/T = No Test (not enough offered)    

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Livestock Auction
8517 Sun Valley Rd
Sun Valley, AZ 86029


8 miles East of Holbrook

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off of I-40

Phone:                    928-524-2600

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